The Worst Websites (Ever)

There are billions of websites floating around the vast internet, but some are in­­herently worse than others. Today, I will be sharing with you the defi­nitive list of the world’s worst websites. One fair warning, lest I make you faint: Do not try this at home.

Ling’s Cars

A very updated site indeed, with all the hot topics from the coronavirus to Brexit. (Yup, that’s a Boris Johnson GIF)! Oh, don’t forget to admire that lovely wallpaper pasted on the background and the modified Rolling Stones logo, too.

If there is one most notorious site in the world, this would be it. Since its inception, Ling’s Cars has been featured in multiple news websites. Interestingly, this one, unlike the others below, was deliberately crafted to look bad. I would think of this scandulous website as a psychedelic rock performance compressed into a website form.

The atrocious design is all part of what the founder Valentine Ling calls a “publicity stunt”, so perhaps her taste might not be as bad as we think (people with bad designer eyes would immediately praise the design of this website).

She added that websites serves as an extension of herself, which might be why the website is so lively. However, when you change the design so often, this so-called aliveness soon becomes redun­dant. (Edit: I echoed a similar sentiment inside another post: check it out.)

I’m not the only person who’s rather pissed off with this wrangled-up website. Quite a few critics have slammed the website for breaking the so-called golden rules of good design, but Ling’s website (and business) has withstood the criticism, and might have even used to their advantage: Was it just a strategem to make easy money? The moral of the story: A bizzare, overwhelm­ingly designed website doesn’t directly translate into bad sales and upset customers.


The landing page. More like death page. And… Is that Arial? Oh gosh.

This image-heavy Norwegian website crams everything together. And with so many images, the site takes an eternity to load (it took more than 20 seconds — very slow on a good internect connection). Moreover, navigating the website is a nightmare. How do you expect people to read anything? We’re not robots; we need some white space to read.

Additionally, the navigation on the site could be more “visible”. Has made any sales? I think not.

Irish Ships On-Line

Why, bad design should be an actual sin.
Is this really a “World Class” website? Strip this malarkey away! Now!

This Irish website here has a dis­tracting back­ground that makes the text illegible. What makes me explode, however, is that the website won an award! It seems like the award was meant to ironic, but perhaps the site creators didn’t realise it, or perhaps it was awarded a few decades ago. Nonethelesss, websites back then could have been better. While many sites in the past were pain­stakingly coded, meaning the function mattered more than form, this sort of design still can’t be excused. Now, let us proceed further to another atrocious website.


Screenshot. Mama mia!

Is this even a website or is this just an endless string of text? The first problem, and the most severe of them all, is the line length. Simply put, that is the basic measurement how many letters are on one line of text. Too long a line means that it will take a herculean effort for the reader to jump to the next line after reading to the end of the previous line. What’s more, the site creators are mad about hyperlinks, making the flow of text very unnatural. You might have to start wearing prescription glasses after reading this (if you are comfortable reading it in Italian. Google Translate has so far been proven to be terrible). So then, how exactly does rectify this line length crime? There is no need to maximise every inch of space with text. It could also do with a footer to show the links and resources to minimize the use of in-text hyperlinks. And if having built-in hyperlinks really are the only go-to solution, I would suggest making the link colour less flashy. A dark may suffice; or for a splash of colour perhaps a dark forest green. But come on. Can we just forget it?

Yale School of Art

The homepage. These types of sites seriously should just get blacklisted by search engines.
Contacts page. I doubt anyone did contact them.

This is one of the most disappointing and ironic websites so far, because it belongs to the Yale School of Art! Yup, who would guess that an art school could have such a poorly-educated “designer”? (I would — and that’s also a fate that, for example, the School of the Arts in Singapore falls prey to). While the word art often conjures up images of old masters with oil palettes, “design”, I argue, is more similar than you think. So, the vicious folks who masterminded this terrible website’s birth (or death), clearly have no excuse. You may say the style is Brutalist, but the result is an epic fail. The problem (again) is the distracting background — kaleidoscopic, epilepsy-inducing GIFs, weird 3D models of I’ve-no-idea-what, and blinding colour gradients. It’s awful. Besides, the flashing colours of the header make readibility awful. It really is a great set-back to see an art school displaying such a website.

Here’s my last rant: Whether intentional or not, the favicon (that small logo sitting at the top of your website’s tab) is a pixelated image of greys and whites, usually implying that the image is invisible, or simply does not exist. There’s still a lot more to discuss, but let us move on, lest I get any more furious.

Gates N Fences

Why don’t you fix this homepage first before commencing any contruction work, huh?
Yes, this is not okay! The navigation menu (and that is only a portion of the total).

The name of this website sounds a tad unprofessional, and I should have taken this as a bad omen. Indeed, the website is aesthetically outdated, with bland font choices (just like most of the other websites) but my greatest peeve is the organisation of information and the navigation. Let’s start with the navigation menu: It is overloaded and confusing and the unnecessary glossy 3D background makes the site look wonky. Text and pictures are scattered around the page messily, with an oddly-designed hierarchy. As always, the default fonts can be given a boost by switching to more unique ones.


For this one I decided to take a long screenshot to demonsrate how painful the background was.

This website was featured by Erik Spiekermann in his typography book Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out how Type Works, so I thought I’d throw this in too. The epicentre of this design disaster stems from the never-ending infinite wallpaper tile, which stretches vertically from the top all the way to the bottom of this website. Some pages are still fine, but none are perfect. This page above is the worst. Other than that aformentioned wallpaper issue, the typography has been deeply neglected. Most noticiable is the virtually non-existent margins (the invisible space between the corner of your screen and the text). This, as a result, makes the text tiresome to read. Another gripe about this website is the inconsistent use of typeface, as I have seen more than ten different faces being used throughout the site.

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Superior Web Solutions

This is banal. This is ungodly. Above all, this is unsuperior.

In the same token as our Mednet website (mentioned way above), this website appears ghostly and boring due to its lack of hierachy. For a website design company, this is both unbelievable and unforgivable. Is it an intentional stunt, like Ling’s car rental website? I doubt so. The site contains too many frames, which make viewing very tiresome as you have to strain your eyes on a small box while scrolling down. It just feels awkward. Adobe Flash is deprecated too. My verdict? The worst web design company in all of humanity. Distinguished designers are sure to vomit even at a mere look of this catastrophic concotion of banality, forlon frames, and sheer irony.

The Conclusion

As you have seen, these are bad websites and they are just a selection. I predict that millions of similar websites still lie in the shadow, unseen by the world. While we laugh at their hideous designs, let us bear in mind not to commit such grave mistakes. If you know of other badly designed websites, do let me know under the comments section!


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