Typography Links № 1

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Just dumping some typography links…

Emoji under the Hood

This post by Nikita Prokopov is an excellent introduction to emoji. I never knew some emoji are actually ligatures that are composed out of two or more characters! Well worth a read.


Recursive Minisite

recursive minisite

I love this minisite. Not only does it feature a comprehensive editor that boasts Recursive’s variable font support, but also its impressive usage of three.js to illustrate its large designspace.


Punctuation Marks That Are No Longer Used

Did you know that these punctuation marks existed in the past? They still do, but they have lost their popularity, from the humble pilcrow, loved by designers, and the underrated interrobang‽ Yes!


When Fonts Fall #

when fonts fall
Image adapted from Figma blog post.

Ever wondered why you see weird shapes in a website or document, like � or 􏿾? This useful article explains what fallback fonts are, and how to implement fallback fonts in your work.


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