An album review: Variations on Jesus Christ Superstar

Stefano Bollani has always been a pianist that I’ve admired — and his album Variations on Jesus Christ Superstar does not disappoint. The album, released in 2020, is a musical tour-de-force that turns Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1970s rock musical into a magical album full of youth and charm.

Creativity is clearly evident in the album — it weaves together classical, hymnal, (seemingly) Japanese, and jazz elements to form a distinct timbre of its own.

Some tracks are made for easy listening. But the opening track, Prelude, is not. It is mysteriously pared-down and full of warmth, love, and charm. I can picture Bollani poignantly recalling his childhood memories as he plays in a dimly-lit room.

Heaven on Their Minds, con­trastingly, is a stride-piano, jazzy piece that never seems to take a breath. It starts off with a low-pitched, osti­nating, deadpan romp, inten­sifying the atmos­phere. Soon after, the right hand joins in the fun, until the tension reaches its tipping point. Dissonant chords clash like cym­bals, and the right-hand trills like an en­raged castanet. What’s interesting, though, is how the emotional roller coaster twists and turns — especially when, when least expected, the track escapes from the musical chaos and plunges into a blissful, soothing passage of jazz chords. Aesthe­tical choices like these are remarkable — we need more from Bollani and composers around the world.

A staging of the musical in Broadway. It was originally composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricised by Tim Rice.

While Heaven on Their Minds is emotion­ally laden, This Jesus Must Die is more light-hearted — featuring dazzling technique and an enormously entertain­ing and impossibly irresistible melody. Also notable are Everything’s Alright — a soft, rather saccharine track that sounds like airport lounge music (but more refined and therefore better) — and “What’s the Buzz?”, the most spirited, jazzy, and energetic track of all.

Need I praise this album further? Listen, discover, and fill your ears with this wonderful music.


Featured image by Valentina Cenni.


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2 thoughts on “An album review: Variations on Jesus Christ Superstar

  1. I liked the Prelude the best but didn’t quite understand Heaven on Their Minds (why it is even nice).

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