What has happened to V-Fonts.com???

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Hey Nick,

What has happened to you? A quick look at v-fonts.com proves you haven’t been updating the site since December last year!

Your dreadful Service Gothic is all we see! 
What has happened, this misery!
Did you die?
Or went short on fonts to buy?
Wow. OMG. Geez.

Now tell us, tell us, please,
Did this project have to cease?

And how’d you add Service Grotesque to this site?
Gosh! Since then I’ve had sleepless nights!

Oh well, the time’s late now,
I hope to hear from you soon!
And better update that site before t’morrow noon!

Whatever this is,
Don’t keep it for long!
Update your site,
Or I shall repeat this song!

Thank you for reading and yours very sincerely,

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Published by Thomas Rettig


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