Typography Sketchbooks

Steven Heller (hi again), and Lita Talarico, the big bosses of AIGA.

Well, this is yet another book on typography (you: “duh…”), written by Lita Talarico and co-written by Steven Heller.

This is similar to the previous book on design that I reviewed, but it’s more of a gallery than a book. This book contains over 100 sketchbooks of the world’s leading typographers (typographer = person who designs letters [the letters that form your alphabet]).

The book comes in matte and heavy stock paper.

In terms of the stuff that’s within (the text and images, not the atoms), it is still OK (i.e. passed my benchmark test).

The book’s main purpose is to showcase the sketches of other typographers which it has done well in. This gives me inspiration and stimuli to pass the time.

I like the fact that there is an introduction to every artist within the book. 

The only problem is that the quality of the images reproduced in the book is inconsistent. Some photos seem like they were taken by someone with Parkinsons, while others were taken by a DSLR-equipped whiz. But I am merely stating that the images should be more uniform, especially for an image-heavy book. This, I hope, will make the pleasure of reading such a book much better.

A distinctively curated book with only one minor pitfall.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Published by Thomas Rettig


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